social media planIt's truly the dawn of a new era and has been for some time now since the advent of social media into the market place. If you are a business owner like me, one of your biggest challenges is to drive traffic towards your business products or services. This can be an overwhelming and often frustrating thing to deal with but there is a solution.

Take the Leap

If you do not have a website for your business that's the first hurdle you must jump over. It's 2014 a new day and time you need an interactive and visually stunning website that grabs and maintains the visitors attention and rich with pertinent information and content driven. Now once your b2b website is up and running it's time to drive traffic to it, that's where integrating social media plan into your site becomes beneficial.

Tips to Grow On:

Here's 5 quick tips to help you integrate social media plan with your b2b website:

1. Choose one or more relevant social media sites that have a proven track record of being heavy in content and people traffic. Unless you have lived under a rock the last decade you are already familiar with the top four social media sites: Facebook (of course), Twitter, You Tube, and Linked In.

2. Do your home work. You know or should know your core competencies and the products and services your business offers like the back of your hand. You just need a go to social media market strategy. This involves someone in your organization or an outsource (highly recommended) entity that will be responsible for managing your social media accounts and stay current on updating your content.

3. The message is mightier than the medium. You must put thought into your content that is going on your social media account site. After all once it goes viral for the whole world to see there's no coming back.

b2b website

4. Be Strategic! For instance on Facebook use the tag feature it's a good way to draw attention to a specific product, service, or item you want to emphasize. On Twitter make sure you are following your industry, use @replies then the recipients twitter name, don't be afraid to use # to focus on your points and ideas. With Linked In join groups relevant to your industry. On You Tube customize and create your own channel with visually attractive videos, logos, and other content that focuses and highlights the strengths of your business.

5. Remember your motivation. Don't lose site of your vision by all means put some thought and time into developing your social media plan, but don't forget about the money shot, your b2b website. That's your bread and butter after all you are using the social media sites to drive traffic back to your own website so it needs to be immaculate, detailed, and visual.

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