B2B-WebsitesOne of the reasons why you might be reading this blog is because you want to start to develop the new website or you wish to redesign the current website for your business. This piece will help the juices in your head flow and have a wider idea of what it is you need to build an excellent business goals examples for your website.

How can we define an excellent website?

The first thing to consider in order for the website to be successful is that it helps reach your SMART business goals and objectives. Once we have this defined you must implement some tools that will guarantee success. I know you may be thinking that design is the most important thing and have many ideas of how you want it, what colors you will use and the design concept you wish to reflect. This is very important and necessary to guarantee your company’s good image. But how will this help you meet your company’s goals and objectives?

How and why we choose these five websites?

The following 3 websites have been evaluated from Miami SEO Expert on 5 main areas that guarantee success and the capability to meet the company’s goals and objectives in particular.

  • Optimization for mobile devices: 43% of all mobile telephones are smart phones, and 87% of them are used to access the internet. It’s logical that you plan on including this as soon as possible.

  • Contact generation: automating can be an effective tool when trying to attract potential customers on their own terms. Companies that have more than 40 landing pages generate 12 times more potential contacts than those that only have a few pages.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy: 70% of users of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing click on organic links – not paid for. By using keywords on your web pages you can capture an interesting organic traffic for your website.

  • Create a blog: Did you know that companies which publish articles regularly on a blog obtain 55% more web traffic and 70% more prospects than those that don’t? Blogging is the best way to reach your company’s audience with useful educational information that they are always looking for.

  • UX (User Experience): Keep your design as simple and easy as possible This will guarantee that visitors to your website stay. Our main goal is that they can have access to the content of our best b2b websites without so many decoration elements. Remember time is money! For you as well as your customers.

Example 1: Bell Performance
Website URL: http://www.bellperformance.com


Example 2: Answerdash
Website URL: http://www.answerdash.com


Example 3: Cogentys
Website URL: http://cogentys.com



What are you waiting for to make your b2b website a real business generating machine? Work on the 5 areas I mentioned before and you will be able to see how your website begins to become an active part of your business.

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