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Writing an online marketing strategies for a business bolg involves far more than just posting a paragraph every day or frequently about company activities.

The approach needs to be part of a master plan that includes an overarching goal or message. Without a common theme driving every post, blogs quickly become confused, chaotic, and lose readers very quickly. Instead, a business should make every effort to ensure its marketing blog is tied into the overall marketing plan of the business so that every post serves a purpose in brand development, customer connections, and hopefully sales.

The Basics

An online marketing strategy blog has three big elements to it. First, there is the goal. What is the blog supposed to do? How does it fit into the general marketing plan? Is it intended to sell, inform, take in data, or create a call to action or all of the above? Knowing the purpose ahead of time helps with crafting posts on a regular basis afterwards.

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Second, who is the audience? Is the blog intended to be written for new customers, existing ones, or anyone in general? Does the audience need a lot of primer information or are they already well-versed in the basics of a business or industry and are looking for the latest information or solution for a need? Focusing writing for a given audience helps ensure that audience will repeatedly return to a blog versus just a one-time reading visit.

Third, how will messages and posts be scheduled? One of the best ways to maintain a blog is to map out what content will be posted when on a calendar. Not only does this method allow planning ahead, it also allows a blog support team to keep their content on track, coordinated, and in sync with the overall marketing plan of the blog from month to month. This is particularly important when a firm is using outsourced writers to generate blog posts and multiple writers are being used at the same time.

The Take Away Point

Maintaining an online strategy for b2b marketing blog may seem a bit overwhelming, but with good planning it can end up working like a smooth-running machine. And, with the right content generation, a blog can generate a very sizable response of website traffic, which in turn creates warm leads and even sales. However, a business does have to make an effort to maintain the format; blogs don’t write themselves.

In Summary

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