social-media-marketing-ROIMany companies are attracted to and yet frustrated with social media, trying to figure out a way to generate revenue a return on investment with resources committed to the platform. Much of this frustration has to do with not fully understanding how social media efforts and related campaigns actually convert to new revenue.

Understanding the connection to a social media marketing ROI means understanding how social media content communicates to people. It doesn't follow the traditional rules of marketing that uses the sales funnel and then eventually converts to a sale. Instead, social media efforts have to be measured by modern metrics that translate the activity to meaningful measurements.

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Social media consumers and customers are infatuated with information and content. This is the fishing hook that marketing efforts need to pay attention to, not just advertising slogans and 20 second graphics. People responding to social media want to learn, connect, and discuss. So a social media campaign needs to be setup and support to connect with readers and give them what they are looking for. Further, the content needs to be on an ongoing, regular basis. Too often companies think that social media efforts are one-time, flash in the pan like traditional advertising campaigns. However, for social media readers to be attracted to a site, they need to be engaged repeatedly again and again. Then metrics can be developed about what makes readers tick, what they discussion, how they react to new information, and most importantly, whether they share what they learn with others and spread the information provided. These are key factors in brand development via the digital social format.

With our eBook, your company can finally make sense of the social media game and start to make it productive and useful as a marketing format. Our advice and techniques allow a business to apply effective metrics to activity, track them on a regular basis, and translate them into new action, connecting with consumers and customers far better than before. The advice and lessons will also help a marketing plan unit explain social media to management and how it works correctly, convincing skeptical owners and leadership of the value of the new format.

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