non profit organization WebsitesMobile marketing is being tossed around frequently in marketing circles, often with many different intended meanings. While mobile marketing can mean many things, there is one primary message being conveyed for marketer looking to take advantage of mobile: optimize for mobile devices. 

Why developing a mobile application is relative to your Organization

Because is another option, most Church Websites as an example are still just ramping up their internet marketing efforts and do not have enough content to support a mobile application. Additionally, many Non Profit Organizations Websites would be better off optimizing their SEO, email, lead nurturing, and social media campaigns for maximum lead generation before taking on yet another major project such as a mobile application. 

If you are trying to market on the mobile web, you need to consider the importance of creating entertaining and quality content that can be easily consumed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. 

What should you worry about when optimizing for mobile?

websites mobile friendly

1. Emails & Calls-to-Action

It is important that you optimize your Non Profit Organizations websites and emails to be viewed correctly on mobile devices, such as the iPhone and Android-powered devices. Additionally, it will be important to think about how your calls-to-action and offers work on Websites Mobile-Friendly. 


Is it easy for a prospect to fill out a form on your church website from their smartphone? If you are offering a download, will it open on mobile devices?

3. Video

Bytemobile has found that in 2011, 60 percent of all traffic on mobile web devices will be for video. The study also shows that 10 percent of mobile web users account for 90 percent of mobile web traffic. This staggering statistic means that a relatively small group of mobile internet users are doing the vast majority of mobile bandwidth consumption. 

This data highlights some critical elements in the evolution of the Website Mobile-Friendly. With indications that mobile bandwidth cost may be on the rise, it is important for Non Profit Organizations to develop lightweight ways to engage mobile users. Don’t ask a user to stream a 10-minute video. Instead, provide a clean text summary of the video if they are using a cellular data connection. Give them an opportunity to watch the video if they are on a WiFi connection, in an effort to help them conserve mobile bandwidth.

How to evaluate if your website is mobile optimized?

So when asking internally how to evaluate if I need a website Mobile-Friendly for my Non Profit Organizations, you should also be asking itself how that website is being measured, how big is its funnel, and what outreach is currently being performed to market the site. All three play critical roles in a website's health. To find out more on how these components work together consider taking a Website Marketing Evaluation. The results may surprise you and be very informative on what steps to take next.

Website Marketing Consultation - How Website Marketing Evaluation Can Quickly Improve Your Website Performance   

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