You are John Q. Public, and you own a fairly successful business so you don’t think you need to hire a creative marketing agency.  Ask yourself this, why should you have just a fairly successful business when you can have an extremely successful business


Are seminars and workshops enough?

For years you have been attending those seminars and workshops and have even attended conventions for your business.  Those are all helpful tools but in today’s world of APPS for everything including the kitchen sink, it is just not enough.  

With people spending more time online and on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops more than sitting in front of a television, smart business owners have to find a way to communicate with them where they are viewing their daily content.  Most business owners running the day-to-day operations of their business simply don’t have time to even figure out how to do it never mind implement it.  That is where hiring a agency becomes a must for your business. 

Is creative marketing for the highly educated?

So you have a business degree and you have been running a successful business for year’s right?  Why would you need a creative marketing team?  The keywords here are that you have been running a successful business for years.  That means you have been out of school for years and in that time, so many things have changed about business, the way businesses are run and the way businesses become successful.  If you graduated from college over ten years ago, the things you learned in college are most likely obsolete because this is a computer driven, online application instant world we live in today.  What worked ten, fifteen or twenty years ago does not work today. 


What can bad creative marketing do for you?

The very first bad thing that marketing agency problems can do for your business is Being overwhelmed by information. Unless people know you exist, they surely can’t use your products or services.  Other, problems with a creative marketing agency is to trapped you by false limits. Every business owner should consider consulting some agencies

The right Creative agency

Finding the right creative agency to meet your needs is a big part of the key to your success.  Like with all successful pairings in life, there must be a connection, synergy and chemistry.  The agency you chose should be able to tell you their plan of action before you agree to hire them as your creative marketing agency.  Some of those things they tell you they will do should be:

  • Offer and deliver the right service.
  • Clearly define how they will deliver that service.
  • Speak to your specific business goals and challenges.
  • Maintain an inbound optimized website.
  • Offer a case study presentation.
  • Present areas of specific focus showcase.
  • Instruct and train your business team or employees.

Bottom line is that your best plan of action is to research and bring in a team of highly successful and experienced folks from a creative marketing agency to help your business reach its goals going into the next fiscal year. 

To find out more about hiring a creative marketing agency and what to look for in an agency, our Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency e-Book is available for download at your convenience.

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