inbound_marketing_agencyIt is no secret that inbound marketing has replaced traditional marketing—and convincingly so. However, against this reality, some marketers have been tricked into taking worst advices that would turn out to be unproductive. When asked about the worst advice they have ever heard, b2b marketing agency and business owners say more doom has been out there for a while now. Here are a few of the worst advices about inbound marketing agency. It can make you feel like sealing your ears when you listen to these pieces of advice!

Inbound marketing strategies are a sheer waste of time

True, time is of essence and it can mean gaining or losing money depending on how you manage it. Many digital marketers have been advised not to waste time on inbound marketing efforts such as social media. Needless to say, many professionals and online marketers who’ve ignored this overtly negative advice have beaten those who heed the advice hands down! The truth is marketing has and will continue to undergo a series of shifts that demand more inbound marketing strategies and as opposed to traditional approaches.

Never trust an inbound marketing agency

Marketers have been advised not to develop their internal social media marketing platforms and instead turn to outsourced social media efforts. While outsourcing has been largely accepted as a strategy to leverage another company’s potentials, inbound marketing is definitely different—and it requires a business to engage directly with its customers. This is because social media provides a direct link between a business and its clients, suppliers and strategic partners, it is increasingly important for a business to invest in internal ambassadors who can champion the marketing agenda in the way they know best.

There’s no need to push marketing more

imboun-marketing-agencyThis is detrimental inbound marketing advice that is being peddled out there. Proponents of this advice hold that your audience will certainly come to know your brand on the internet through various search engines, and will subsequently buy your products. Unfortunately, this is a fairy tale that can damage all strides that your business has made over time. The reality is, your customers won’t learn about you until you communicate to them.

Delete all your negative reviews

Social media platforms are places where potential customers interact with your business brand, and where possible, leave a comment on what should be done to make your brand better. If you make your social media platform appear as if everything was perfect in your business, customers and potential buyers will begin to question if the information is genuine. People want to see all sides of the coin, so let them read every bit of the reviews, comments that visitors throw your way.

A good way to proceed with a social media conversation is to communicate with customers as opposed to communicating to people. This is the hallmark of inbound marketing, which represents a dramatic shift from ‘marketing to customers’ to marketing with customers. Do not delete them going forward—instead, deal with what your audience is saying graciously. An inbound marketing agency can help paint a different view from what negative reviews say about your brand.

If you are new in the field of marketing—and more particularly inbound marketing, you’d better listen to an advice from a genuine professional who understands b2b marketing Online. Inbound marketing has been around for a few years and many marketers are yet to comprehend what it is all about. To help new and existing businesses gain knowledge and get everything right, here is a free guide on "How to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency" to help revamp your online marketing strategy.

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