The internet is used today by the majority of adults in the United States.  We use the internet for product research, to talk with our friends, to look for service providers and to get our news.  If you are not on the internet and you have a small business, you are not following the digital marketing trends your competition is and you are losing out on business because of it.

5 Keys to Generate Leads on Your Website is a free e-book designed for the small business owner trying to learn digital marketing trends and how to use the internet in effective and cost-efficient ways.  Blogging, social media, creating links and learning quality SEO techniques will drive traffic to your website and will create potential customers for your business.

What is Blogging?


A blog is a form of an online diary.  As a business owner with a website, a blog is a way for you to directly communicate with your customers.  A blog is informal and provides customers with an inside look at the work you are producing, advice you have to give and it let's people know you are a real person invested in the success of your business.

Smart business owners update their blog on a regular basis.  Three times a week is a good digital marketing trend to follow because the more content you have on your blog, the more likely someone will reach your site based on the keyword search.

What is a keyword search?


When a potential customer goes to Google to search, what are the keywords you want them to type in to reach your website?  It is important to know what keywords you are targeting because you will have to use these keywords often as you write your blog. 

For example, if you are a car repair shop, your keyword phrase might be "car repair in Chicago".  The longer your keyword phrase, the better chance you have that someone will find your website if they type in your exact keyword phrase.  If you only choose to use "car repair", there may be so many results that your website might not show up until the tenth page of search results.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO


Search engine optimization is the art of writing content that is both interesting yet contains keyword phrases that pertain to your business.  With current digital marketing trends, you can't just write a page with the same keyword phrase over and over and your prose must make sense.  Google has complicated algorithms that decide which websites show up at the top of search results and they will not show websites in search results that are clearly keyword stuffed.

Once you begin to write quality, engaging content and you put it on your blog, share the content on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.  Most businesses today have both a Facebook and Twitter account because it is easy to get people to follow your business this way.  When you write new content, you share your post at both places and your followers will go and read the content. 

Your social media followers are following you because they have an interest in what you do.  What better way to generate leads for your business than to show who you are and the service you provide by using social media and telling people what you have to offer?

The internet is a vast web of information and as you learn how new digital marketing trends, always remember that unique, interesting content is key to building up a strong web presence. For more information about modern marketing techniques, take a few minutes to check out our eBook, The 5 Keys to Generate Leads on Your Website.

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