A conversion rate measures how many website visitors have completed a desired action. The purpose of a conversion rate is to provide a metric by which you can determine how well your website, landing pages and content are performing.

A conversion rate is determined by dividing the number of visitors who have taken a desired action by the total number of visitors. One of the two most important rates in your website are Visitor to Lead and Lead to Customer.

A desired action encompasses a wide variety of activities, from signing up for a podcast to downloading an eBook to completing a purchase.

Factors that impact conversion rates are the relevancy of the content to your target audience, the overall desirability of the offer and the ease of accessing the offer.

Expert Tip:

Improve conversion rates by conducting A/B testing. Change ONE element on a website or landing page whether that be modifying your headline, re configuring the page layout, using a different image or switching up your CTA button. Compare conversion rates between versions and implement the changes that have led to increased conversions.

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