A workflow, also known as marketing automation and drip marketing, is a series of automated actions that are triggered by an individual’s interactions with your content. Workflows are a critical component to fully utilizing the inbound marketing methodology because of their ability to meet the needs of your audience in real-time, provide ongoing lead nurturing and identify and deliver qualified leads to sales.

In order to effectively use workflows, you will need to create a variety of marketing assets including Calls-to-Action (CTAs), landing pages, forms and various content offers. The interactions individuals have with these assets provide the triggers that enable workflows to serve your audience additional relevant content offers and move them further into the sales funnel.

Expert Tip:

Workflows aren’t “set and forget.” You need to continually evaluate the performance of workflows to ensure they are working at a high efficiency rate. A key metric that can tell you if your workflow may need adjustments is the number of leads.

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