An email campaign is a set of coordinated marketing messages delivered in intervals that were created with an overall objective in mind. The main purpose of an email campaign is to nurture your leads into customers. Effective nurturing comes down to sending the right email to the right audience at the right time. This means email campaigns aren’t one size fits all.

An email campaign should never be relevant to all of your contacts. Use buyer personas and the buyer’s journey to identify how to appropriately segment your audience.

Expert Tip:

Here is a breakdown of what type of content is appropriate at each stage in the buyer’s journey:

  1. In the awareness stage capture interest and educate prospects by sharing videos, blog posts and free tools.

  2. In the consideration stage, attempt to answer questions you anticipate your leads likely have in the form of webinars, FAQs and whitepapers.

  3. And in the decision stage, be more upfront with free trials, product demos and consultation offers.

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