It is amazing that the more I spend time doing what I love and brings me passion never stopped learning. In life there are two major obstacles that keep us from learn new things every day. Let's focus on two of them here.

1. I do not have time

Does this expression sounds familiar? Yes I know, it's something that we fight every day. The truth is that there is always time for everything. An example that we live every day is: I'm super busy, not available for any calls today, but if your cellphone rings and it is your friend the one about to catch her boyfriend with another girl and she calls you to gossip everything about it, you will totally answer, but that conversation will not last five minutes will do at least 40 minutes. At the end you realize that you end your day and have time for the call you never thought it would interrupt your work despite your main decision for not receiving calls, so then you do have time for anything, right?

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2. Priorities in your life

How many wishes and desires do you have to start fighting for those goals that are delayed by time? Learn how to take time for those priorities that can change your daily life. What priority does knowing more about social media benefits your job? Or become the best seller, or just know the best options that digital marketing has for your business or work.

I do not know what your goal is today, what I can tell you is that do not miss much time and start scheduling from 1 to 2 hours a day to study and learn because learning because learning doesn’t cost anything, on the contrary you will earn more. Take the first step, Good luck!

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