Qualifying effectively your leads is a great step towards the right direction for your Flight School because thanks to it you have a clearer panorama of who is who within your potential students.

Now, the ball is in the admissions field.

They will have to deal with the leads and prioritize the efforts on the right group to maximize the effectivity of the strategy impulsed. But how?
The Qualifying Matrix

The leads, after being assessed with demographic criteria that makes them fit or not and evaluated their interest based on their activity and willingness, are categorized in 4 quadrants:

The Qualifying Matrix.jpg

  • Today Students: The ones that are fit and are interested
  • Future Students: The ones that are fit and are not interested yet
  • Possible Students: The ones that are not fit but are interested
  • Waste of Time: The ones that are neither fit nor interested

Prioritizing Leads

With the groups defined, the admissions team must focus primarily in the Today Students group.

Since this group is fit demographically speaking to enroll in your flight school (has the right age, financial ability, etc.) and is also very interested in getting enrolled with us. This is the group you want to talk to!

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Right after this group, the Future Students is your next priority. Since they are fit, it is just matter for your flight school to take them to the interested side with efforts through all the possible channels where you can reach them. This process may take from 6-18 months, so persist and have patience.

The Possible Students group tends to be a false positive for admissions teams, because they’re truly interested to enroll, however, they’re not fit for your flight school. An example of this is a kid who wants to become a pilot and the admissions team invests time on him, but ultimately the parents have the decision and admissions has to start all over in a different approach, investing more energy and efforts that could have been invested in another lead.

At the bottom, there’s the Waste of Time group, who probably love stuff related to aviation, but aren’t fit nor interested in enrolling on your flight school. Leads like these will just spend the time of the admissions team without becoming actual students.

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This process at first may seem complex, but is necessary to change the method of reaching out to your leads from an alphabetic or per city approach to a more qualified-less qualified leads method.

We can help you defining this system specifically for the needs of your flight school and get you started with a more effective strategy to boost your qualifying and enrollment processes.

How to Improve Your Recruitment Process to Attract Qualified Student Pilots

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