Marketing does not have to be hard for flight schools, mostly in the time that we’re living where technology and the Internet make things easier for everybody. That’s why we have created this step-by-step list to get ready for an effective Internet marketing strategy:

1. Up to date Search Engine Optimization

On the Internet, everything starts with a simple search. When people wants to find information about a certain topic or are researching to make a well thought purchase, they go first to a search engine and trust on the results that it will show them.

In order to show up on the first places for search terms that are related to flight schools there is a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which consists on setting up on your website information concerning to their pages that will make easier for the search engines to categorize them and serve them when people search for those terms. The ranking of your site depends on how well optimized your site is, so it is a constant task to keep it in good shape.

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2. Set-up an Educational Aviation Blog

One aspect that can make your website richer for any visitor (and also for the search engine rankings that we mentioned before) is to have a periodically updated blog.

A blog allows your flight school to become a source of accurate information for people interested in the field, who may or may not want to be part of a flight school. By doing this, you help your site to be outstanding among the rest and also capture the attention of potential students.

3. Generate Landing Pages to Convert Traffic (What is a landing page:

Landing pages are website pages that let you easily capture the information of a visitor of the site through a straightforward lead form. With that description it becomes very noticeable why a landing page is great for a marketing strategy.

When you get traffic going to your website due to efforts made -for example- on social media, setting up a landing page that will speak directly to the profile of the visitor is very helpful to convert that visitor into a student of your flight school.

4. Set up a tracking system and Analyze your efforts

All efforts above are great, effective and helpful; but you won’t see any change in the long term if you don’t measure the results you’re getting from them. That’s why getting a tracking system in place for your flight school marketing actions is something necessary for the strategy itself.

Being able to obtain indicators, measurements and statistics from all the actions run is critical to determine if the actions taken are the right ones, where are they failing and what is necessary to do in order to make them more effective. The numbers alone won’t be enough, but a thorough analysis needs to be performed to make the best decisions.

These basic steps will help you getting started with an Internet marketing strategy and begin to see the results that it can bring to your flight school!

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