business-goals-examples WARNING: All Business Goals Examples mentioned here are highly toxic! Please do not put them into practice, or include them in your business plan. These examples impair concentration and achieve nothing specific. Only consists of good intentions, desire to grow but with little foundation to achieve them.

15 Must Toxic Business Goals Examples

  • Increase sales this year
  • Having more customers this year
  • Increase visits to my website
  • Get more qualified leads
  • Increase sales by 300% this year
  • Launch 3 new products
  • Rank my website on Google
  • Post coupons and discounts on social media to attract new customers
  • Having more likes on Facebook
  • Increase my followers on Twitter
  • Give our best to achieve our goal (We don't have goals... What is the Goal Again?)
  • I know! We can grow this year (I am positive but I don't know what to do)
  • We have the best product so we will grow
  • More networking events will drive more customers
  • More trade shows will increase our brand exposure (More new business)

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SMART Marketing Goals Template