effective email_marketing_strategiesThough a relatively new concept, email marketing is a perfect medium for creating and sustaining business relationships. However, it is important to know ways of combining effective email marketing strategies to build loyalty and improve the bottom line of your business. Early adoption of email marketing can give your business can create a new twist and help you remain on top of the game. Here are 5 smart ways to combine effective marketing strategies to generate not only income but also increase Web traffic:

Make content part of email marketing

Email marketing alone cannot cause your conversion rates to increase significantly without carefully combing with the right content. As a newbie, you may be over-confident about the power of an email only to be surprised by the low visitor turn up on your site. To help cushion your business from potentially unprofitable marketing, there is the need to appreciate the inevitable relationship between email marketing and content. This way you shall have successfully combined high quality content that can help generate traffic and increase the conversion rates.

Turning your blog into a content hub


Experts in marketing say that the usefulness of your emails depends on how updated the information is. The idea behind this statement is any content that you post remains available to your potential customer—it is clearly indexed, searchable and a business can or its customers can use it at a future date. This is not always the case when it comes to emails. This means emails once read are unsearchable and may not be supportive of your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Additionally, they cannot be shared on various platforms.

Mine incoming email for content

Incoming emails carry incredible telltale signs about whether your business is getting the right attention it is looking for. Therefore, businesses can make use of these emails to inform their marketing decisions. However, this approach is effective for B2B marketers looking to improve their customers’ experiences. It is recommended for B2B marketers to send emails asking for ratings and feedback with the site. You can pick stories and customer feedback and turn them into meaningful blog posts that can serve as a basis of your marketing.

Repurpose your content

You can repurpose your email copy to become a marketing content just like marketing content can be repurposed. It means you can change the goal you want the email to achieve, for example, by sending email copies on social media and used as the main subject of reference, you can significantly build conversation threats that are not easily achieved through conventional emailing. Use internally generated content to grow your traffic Using internally generated and related blog posts or stories pointing at similar experiences that answer your visitor’s concerns can be incredible in causing higher conversion rates than rates generated by an ordinary Web landing page.

Update your content

To help a business overcome the challenges of rigidity of emails, pulling content from the blog and using it within your emails and shared across various social media platforms. As a marketer, you can build content-based emails since businesses have a vast content resource that sits idle on the blog. You can make it work on your social media and email in a way you have never thought before.

The above tips will help you leverage the power of effective email strategies to increase your traffic, raise conversion rates and improve your income flow. Please read the eBook "20 Marketing Trends for 2013" to be more familiar with how to use effective marketing strategies that will change your business.

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