Business-Goals-and-ObjectivesTime is the subject of films like one starring Justin Timberlake "In Time", on which it’s the way of how the company pays the character. In the movie the time time was used as payment for any transaction and although it might sound crazy, that isn’t far from reality.

Why is time scarce?

Think for a moment if it’s not true that we sell our time. Our employer pays for our hours worked and those hours can’t be taken back. How long ago were you just a child going to school to enjoy yourself with friends without thinking how much work you need to be able to meet your expenses.

Is it possible for you to go back to being a child? The truth is isn’t! Our time runs out every second and it depends on us what we do with it to enjoy it to the fullest.

Time isn’t a renewable resource.

It would be fabulous if we could keep adding time to our lives like in the film! Time is a renewable resource which we can neither cultivate nor store. Unlike money or other material objects. We think that when we build companies and obtain large amounts of money we will be able to enjoy our retirement in peace and without working so much. But by then your children will already have grown and you will not be able to carry them like you used to. You no longer have the strength to practice sports you enjoyed and you will long for work since you aren’t used to living without doing what you’ve been doing. Then why do we keep doing the same things every day without thinking on how to optimize our time.

What’s the reason why you do what you do?

There are different reasons why we do what we do, perhaps a new car, a mansion, some great vacations or giving our families a better lifestyle. Each day we get up to be better, show others we have reached our goals or to give them a better lifestyle. Have you asked yourself how can I optimize my time and double my results without working double? This can sound like laziness but it’s something logical when you wish to spend more time by the ones who love you. (if you feel as if this could use some work as well check out "X Reasons Why We Don’t Reach Our Goals")

SMART Business Goals + Detailed Plan = Optimized Time

A smart goal is simply a dream with a time frame. For example I want to spend this New Year’s Eve in New York. Our specific goal is to be in New York on December 31st. Now all I need is to see how to reach my goal and for this I shall enlist the two most common options putting Miami as the starting point.

Traveling by car would take me 19 hours and would cost $120 only considering the price of gas

Traveling by plane would take me 3 hours and would cost $350 for a coach seat

Here we see how I can optimize my time by increasing a renewable resource like money to have time to spend with family in New York. And the second question is what happens if I don’t have the money for plane tickets? This would be another issue that you would have to add to your plan, how to get the money. That may be by increasing your income, or reducing your expenses in order to save more.

Now I dare you to write clear business goals and objectives to optimize your time keeping in mind how reaching your business goals in the shortest time possible can give you more time to enjoy!

SMART Marketing Goals Template