We humans  since very young, develop the instinct of trust, when we’re babies, we  move away from those strangers and seek our parents who are with whom we have had the first and closer emotional contact. It also happens that when we meet someone, the first thing we ask ourselves is will this be a person of trust?, What does he or she want from me? or How much can I trust this person? so we evaluate our relationships with time, we will share our experiences according to the confidence that we develop to those clients.

Confidence influences our purchases

Understanding that confidence is the biggest factor in making any decision in business is no exception. Think as a buyer for a moment, Would you buy a car from a seller or business that you do not trust so you get the cheapest price? That is why whenever we buy something, we ask our friends, we look for testimonials or opinions on the internet.

Education + Time = Confidence

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In order to build the confidence of your customers you need education and time. Today, buyers have access to our competitors and countless information through the internet. Those days when the seller was the only one who had access to information are now gone, the seller was the one who could advance or delay the process to try to create a bigger trust with the customer. Today’s buyers, are more educated when making a purchase decision and this is because there are companies that are offering such education when your prospects need to generate that trust. The time is decided by the prospect through your need and deep search that do to solve their challenge or problem. If your company accompanied this prospect during this process by providing the necessary information to help you, you have created confidence and at any time ask some of your shows or fill out a form to be contacted by a sales representative.

You're focused on the decision

The vast majority of marketing efforts in every company are focused on the decision stage. Your interest is to sell a product at a better price than your competitors. Offering discounts, sending promotions and forgetting the importance of providing education to build trust. Many of your potential buyers do not know that your product exists and they don’t know what the product that can solve their problem is called. So they begin a research process through the internet to give a name to their problem and once they know the name of it, they start seeking different providers that can help. Now that you know who the biggest "educators" in the industry are, Who do you think they will choose?

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