Website-SolutionIs your website failing to bring you business? If you are a small business entrepreneur, finding a solution for your business on the web can be a daunting process. You may have some experience with website design or think you can learn enough to get your business on the web, or maybe you have a friend that has volunteered to build your site. Websites built on the fly, without careful thought and design are destined to fail.

You’re not an Expert, But you know What Looks Good and What Doesn't 

Looks are not everything though, and there are thousands of website solutions on the web that don't work. Below are some reasons why:

  • The designer failed to take into account what your business is trying to accomplish with your website.
    • What your business is about should be identifiable on the very first page of the website.
  • There may be several pages on the website that look pretty, but the content fails to provide a call to action.
    • Each pages needs to be useful and provide something of value to all visitors.
  • Pages can be too pretty and cluttered for a user to navigate.
    • Count this as a solution failure if your customer cannot figure out how to access what they came to find.
  • There may be too many clicks between your product and your visitor.
    • If a page has too many navigational choices, i.e., menus, pop-up windows, a lot of scrolling, your website solution will drive customers away.
  • Broken links and nonworking pages have not been taken care of.
    • These are red flags to customers that you (or your website administrator) are absentee landlords.
  • The content is not up-to-date.
    • You want to keep your customers coming back to your site by providing interesting, engaging, and useful material. This can be in the form of blogs, calendars, Business to Business (B2B) website information, and other materials.

What's Behind the Page is Just as Important

Even if you have a website up and going, getting people to your website will fail if you don't have the right keywords built into each. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using keywords related to your business is what search engines rely on to bring pages up in searches. Your website solution will fail to come up in customer searches if they would like to know what does SEO mean and how to used it improperly, or in some cases not at all to construct your website.

Will you Need to Start Over?

You’ve lost months of time, burned through a lot of money, and possibly hurt your business reputation. Now that you know why your site may be failing to draw the traffic you need to succeed, what can you do?

Real Graphics Advanced Creative Solutions has several resources you can utilize to Define SMART goals and create Solid Plans to reach you dream of a solid, customer attracting website.

Start by reading our 25 Website "MUST HAVES" Convert Leads, and Sales white paper. This guide provides real, working solutions to getting a killer website.

25 Website Must Have to Attract Customers