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SEO marketing has come of age and businesses have started to channel a lot of their efforts toward this online marketing strategy. If you haven’t set up a website yet, you certainly are losing and for those who have build a website but don’t see traffic coming their way, now is the time to do a bit of research. A competitor with a powerful website that yields better search engine rankings can give you a run for your money. Here are the ten things your competitors can teach you about Miami SEO company to help you break from your unprofitable SEO marketing strategies.

1. Good SEO strategy is all about link building

The first question that your mind generate is "What does SEO mean?" Another, important thing is SEO marketing designates as the most incredible ways to succeed, including onsite SEO, social media marketing and link building. By checking and analyzing areas where your competitors have excelled, you can begin to execute better strategies on your business website and make your brand known to your audience.

2. Keyword search

Before you jump onto this train, make sure that you are using a company with which you share common aspects such as the industry, products and if need be, the size of the business. Once you have confirmed this, you can now look at how your competitor has used keywords. You can narrow your search down by using a keyword search tool to see the niche keywords that relate to your site.

3. Look at the page titles

Titles and subtitles (also called Meta descriptions) are important for any SEO strategy. See how the competitor manages to use them to help you implement a powerful SEO tactic that outperforms them.

4. Perform a link check It is simple to do this.

Use available free checkers to help you find out if there’re broken links on your business website as well as your competitor’s sites. By analyzing the percentage of all broken links, you can possibly tell why your website isn’t pulling traffic the best way it should.

5. Evaluate how your content rates against your rival’s content

As they say, “content is king.” A website containing relevant and compelling content would rank highly on search pages than content that is below par. Try to change the content of your Miami SEO company to see if the level of traffic changes.

6. Use of social media

You can also learn if your market rivals are deploying advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook or other sites.
If your competitor’s rank highly on search engines because of the blog posts, ensure to see which topics have been trending.

7. How do your rivals use social media?

With Google’s landmark changes on keyword data analytics, it is now apparent that marketers are turning to social media to have a second bite of the market share. Knowing how your major rivals are using these platforms can be a turning point in your online marketing strategy.

8. Learn about their URL structure

Know the best way to name files and apply the same to your site.

9. How do your competitor use META descriptions?

Although not as important, Meta descriptions appear in search results when a visitor checks on the internet.

10. Assess your extent of use of inbound links against your competitors

Do your rivals use inbound links? And how frequent are they used? Analyze your condition and make an objective conclusion.

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