BUSINESS-GOALS-EXAMPLES-1Maybe you have assumed it is very difficult - and time consuming - to create your organization's business goals. Arguably, I've been in this situation too, sited in front of a computer, with a note-sheet-paper, trying to discern what my organization is requiring to achieve the success needed and desired, and how to discover the way  escalate to the next level. That's why I have created these 5 SMART Business Goals Examples with the purpose to help you to have amazing ideas to boost your organization. By the way, I'll take a general Business Goal with the intention to transform it in a SMART Business goal.

Learn what SMALL Business Goals are and how to create theme

  • General Website Goal: Increase traffic into my website.
  • SMART Website Goal: Increase traffic to our website in 50% (from 1,000 to 1,500 monthly) for the release of our new product on March 31th, 2015.
  • General Sales Goal: Increase sales this year
  • SMART Sales Goal: Increase sales in 20% (200,000 to 240,000 monthly) during the next 12 months, so that we can enhance our headquarters.
  • General Business Goal: Get more clients this year
  • SMART Business Goal: Increase seminary subscription through our website in 25% (500 through 625 monthly) within the next 3 months, to obtain new customers with our current 10% of conversion rate of registered clients.
  • General Business Goal: Have a larger team, so that it can be more efficient.
  • SMART Business Goal: Increase our sales from 22% to 50% in the USA market during the next 2 years so that we can increase our team from 9 to 20 employers, and have more independence in our subsidiary in Brazil.
  • General Sales Goal: Have 360 new monthly subscriptions.
  • SMART Sales Goal: Increase the conversion of qualified contacts into customers in 30% (from 50 to 65 clients monthly) in order to increase profitability and productivity.

Now is the moment to go ahead!

4 Steps to Unify your SMART Marketing and Sales Efforts

Never is too late to get action and start running your organizational SMART Business Goals examples. In fact, this information will help you to be more focused, identify your goals and have your team pretty synchronized and motivated to accomplish these goals.

Now I invite you to share your SMART Business Goal in the comment section, and I’d love to answer with my recommendations — or you can write it in this form and I will respond via email. 

SMART Marketing Goals Template

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