As owners of an aviation school or any other organization, we many times dedicate to put out fires and we overlook the most important task: Attract new students for your organization. If this is your case and you feel that the technology nowadays is going much faster than it used to be years ago, we will help you with some important information to check your website right now.

That may be the reason why you don't know about the latest things happening currently. Starting April 21, 2015, Google started a new change in its search process. Google announced that will penalize those website that are not adapted for mobile devices browsing (smartphones and tablets) through the responsive approach, which consists in an automatic adaptation to the different screen sizes. You can learn more about this in the following link: "Finding more mobile-friendly search results".

This is why, if your website does not meet the requirements that Google has set now, your website will never be found in the Google search engine. If your aviation school does not meet the following criteria, it's time to think about a redesign for your website.


Your website must complete all those processes that allow to improve the visibility in the search engines. For any aviation school it's vital that its website gets to the first positions because the website that reach them get more traffic from potential clients. The place you get to have in these results it's conditioned by three variables:

1. Relevance:

Meaning how closely coincide the elements of your ad campaign to what any person searches for

2. Authority:

Prestige and credit that is given to a website because of its legitimity or because of its quality and competence in any field

3. Customization:

Once we have created our content thinking about the search engine, we can customize some aspects of it like its look and adding more pages

Keeping in mind these variables we will reach a more effective SEO strategy, which is why we must take in consideration the Smart Goals that will help us to measure more accurately any SEO strategy.

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