How-inbound-marketing-helpDuring the last 12 years my wife and I built our business. Everything started with a dream of offering quality service. Young and with little experience but with an urge to conquest the world like Alexander the Great!

That‘s how Real Graphics was born, a company which helped many build brands, design logos, business cards, websites and more. We also helped many with making the graphics for events look fantastic. It was a fabulous experience, lots of times we worked against the clock to deliver the best product. There were joyful moments, others tense but seeing a customer encounter a successful project is priceless. But from 2008 to 2010 the economy struck us along with thousands of more in the United States. So what is the reaction after business is not selling “Cut marketing´s budget”. And there began the circus of our organization, nobody was designing promotional materials, creating websites or printing more, this was a luxury those years.

Changes frighten

Noticing our difficulty selling, we found we could not grow organically. There was no plan for attracting clients or satisfying the current ones. We focused on lowering prices to take projects. We left all to “word of mouth” LUCK, we expected our clients and friends refer our services to others. That ended in disaster after the economic hit from 2008 to 2012. Sales fell dramatically and we asked ourselves: How to attract clients? How to generate prospects for our business? Is this the end of our company?

Then we noticed we had to change (Yes that´s scary), changing after years of doing the same. Learning and implementing new processes. That takes time! Those were our thoughts, uncertainty was evident and so was fear.

Challenges motivate

The only way to face that was establishing challenges. Taking a one way ticket and believing in ourselves. We thought we could begin a transformation from within. The first challenge was implementing measures which would give us more control, understanding which indicators are most valuable, like C.O.C.A. (Cost of Customer Acquisition) and LTV (Life Time Value) these are vital for the growth of any business. We created our own SMART GOALS and implemented our strategy for Inbound Marketing.

This took a year but it gave results, we discovered many of our clients were going through the same, that what´s most important is not the logo or business card. In reality what’s important is how inbound marketing help our company and how we reaches our goals whether family related, expanding their production or workforce. That is how we did it and today help others so they too can have control.

After all this, we changed the name and mission of our company. We help our customers improve their organization. That is why we want to let you know that are no longer Real Graphics, we are OnFocux.

Why OnFocux?

Because we have turned On that force that lets one accomplish great achievements like Leo Messi, Martin Luther King, Simon Bolivar and all whose Focus influences or has influenced history. Our message is “Let’s do something but do it well” let’s not listen to voices that distract, advice which doesn’t help, and fears that hold us back. Let us turn on our Focus, serve our prospects and clients as we wish to be served ourselves. Like someone said: 

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Last I want to thank all our friends, customers, and relatives that believed in us. I hope to speak soon to each of you and light the spark which is On Focux.

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photo credit: Scared Crow via photopin (license)