You need to be convincing. You can focus on your persuasive selling abilities but what matters most is that you make the most of your time in front of your potential customers. People are less interested in your sales ability than they are about your ability to solve their problem or need. Are you asking the right questions to hold your potential client's interest? If not, you're losing money and you're not helping your client or customer.

Marketing Solutions #1 - Don't Talk Price

Never engage in talking price at your first meeting with your potential customer. Please don't do this.  Your pricing should be structured to directly relate to the manner of your business needs. Don't change your price unless the manner of your business changes.

Marketing Solutions #2 - Be An Expert, Not An Order Taker

In case you didn't know it, we are living in a highly competitive sales environment. If you market solely or mostly on the price, you will likely fade into the background noise of the rest of the world. If you really want to grab people's attention, be an expert in something that you believe in or something in which you are deeply passionate. Anybody can list a price and hope for a sale, but if you are an expert that can help solve people's problems, income typically follows if your business model is strong.

Marketing Solutions #3 - Responding To Resistance

You may have thought that you had a great marketing plan when you started your business, however, you may also be suffering from resistance to your methods, products or services. People want to "play" in the marketplace but they don't want to be "played. "If you're just in business to make a buck, the general population can usually sniff that out and put up resistance to what you are trying to sell them. 
In order to convince people to buy your product you need to dig deep to try and figure out why they might be resisting you or your product.  You will convince people to buy what you have by:
  • Know your market and understand the people you want to sell to
  • Know your product so well that it could seem that you actually invented it
  • Know how to read individuals
  • Know how to talk and react like a "native" in the marketplace you intend to reach
  • Know when to push for the sale and when to back off a bit
There are tons on online and print books that are great reads like The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How To Be Insanely Great In Front of Any Audience. You need to be woven into your marketing community if you are going to succeed in any business endeavor.
Just because the internet and other technologies make it easier than ever to be in front of a large audience, you cannot abandon certain business principles to succeed. Knowledge is king! Knowledge about yourself.  Knowledge about your potential customers. Knowledge about your product. Today's world eliminates much need for the traditional brick and mortar environment but instead of investing in a building, how about investing in knowledge? It can be a little time consuming but the back end rewards are often superb.

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