miami-SEO-expertWhy it’s important if you have a company in Miami to work the keywords in SEO and optimize that word to respond to the questions that many strangers are making themselves daily on Google´s search engines.

Imagine if you were looking for a diamond ring to give to your fiancé and don’t have the time to visit every single jewelry in the city to search for the best price and quality on the ring. What would be the first thing to do? Search Google “how to find the best engagement ring”. Google suggests some of the sites that are paying to have their advertisement there. Some of them could be: Blue Nile, Tiffany or Zales. You know which the most recognizable stores are for Google now you only have you start looking for the options you have to see which of them best meet your expectations. Once again you are going to search your friend Google but more localized. Your question would be, where can I buy an engagement ring near my home? (location: Miami, Doral) and bingo the first jewelries that appear on your search engine, the ones you had already read about and are closer to your home will be the ones chosen. The same thing happens with your business, product or service that you are trying to offer, you don´t have to be a Miami SEO expert. That is why it is so important that when building or redesign your website think about the following:

  • What people you want to reach
  •  What kind of content you need to reach that person

Why is Google a powerful tool?

If I wish my business is found when a person is looking for a product or a service on Google´s first place. You might say! Being first on Google will cost me a fortune? I have to be a Miami SEO expert, but if you are going to pay rent to your friend Google that will be expensive and worse yet when you stop paying. All your money will go down the drain because if you don’t pay your phone bill on time they disconnect it and you can’t listen to the messages your friends or clients have left you. That is why the most recommended thing these days is that you build your own house (making an organic job) what does that mean? Starting yourself with keywords to develop quality content on your blog, so that these people may find your services when they are looking on Google this way you can become a Miami SEO expert. Now we’re talking savings because once that word which you are talking about on your blog starts being recognized by the search engines, you are going to be in the first positions and without paying a single cent. That is why you must start creating your Blog today, doesn’t matter which product or service you are offering, but build articles that educate those buyers that are looking for solutions out there. Remember that blogging is not selling, it’s educating and it helps so they can then trust you.

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photo credit: Pier 5 Miami via photopin (license)