Inbound Lifecycle Stages are properties that identify where your contacts are in the marketing funnel. The purpose of Inbound Lifecycle Stages is to benchmark your contacts progression through the marketing funnel and segment your audience in order to provide stage appropriate content offers.
Each Lifecycle Stage represents a transition to the next stage of funnel. The stages of the funnel, from top to bottom, are as follows – Subscriber, Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Qualified Lead, Opportunity, Customer and Evangelist.

Contacts move to the next stage of the funnel after taking an action that triggers their progression. Depending upon where a contact is in the funnel, a trigger can be signing up for your email, downloading a how to article or signing up for an event.

Expert Tip:

It is important to nurture contacts by providing content that is relevant to their current Inbound Lifecycle Stage. Contacts at the top of the funnel are looking for information on solving a problem. Contacts near the middle of the funnel are evaluating specific solutions, and those at the bottom want information that will help them arrive at a buying decision.


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