In the recent years, digital marketing strategies have become the engine of the companies no matter if they're big, medium or small. All of them want to adopt a digital strategy to be in the most relevant trend of marketing currently and make their cash registers go faster and faster, but we still find some companies that are afraid of betting on the digital age and the way that marketing is done nowadays to reach those clients searching for faster solutions and not for some pushy salesman that is looking just to get another sale done.

Creating a successful digital marketing strategy is not as easy as many may believe. You have to plan it, shape it and execute it adequately, plus having a constant follow-up to analyze what needs to be changed along the way, improving the strategy to discard what did not work and take the company in the road of success.

This is why we will list what you should NOT do in a digital marketing strategy if you want it to work well and be successful. Want to know? Let's go!

1. Unstructured plans:

If from this point you start with a bad plan, you know how your digital marketing strategy is going to end, right? It's not going to work, no matter what how you wish to achieve successful results with your creation. First thing you have to do is analyze how to integrate digital with your real target market, determine a budget with your feet in the ground and ensuring that the implementation will be coherent; otherwise, the execution of the strategy will be very difficult. It must be clear that digital marketing delivers results, but not in the blink of an eye. It takes time and that's why you have to think about goals in the medium and long term.

2. Generation of content for trends:

Content marketing is a tool very strong and effective nowadays to attract and captivate potential clients that possibly don't know your product or service. This content must be created thinking about educating your client and taking your client step by step to get to know your brand and fall in love with it. But be careful in not to generate this content just because your competitor is creating it too or because someone told you that "it is good to do it". You must be very clear in the responsibility of generating quality content, that calls potential client's attention and educates them, besides being optimized for the search engines and for the users. It is not writing for the sake of writing and generating information just because.

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3. Have presence in social networks:

This tactic is very important within a digital strategy. Social media is the most viral way to show your brand to the world. You have to be clear that these can help you grow and create a community of clients or potential clients but for this tactic to be effective, it is not only about having a fan page on Facebook, but to create valuable content that is interactive, communicate constantly, update profiles, follow-up each case and comment. In a nutshell, have a presence in social networks all the time.

4. Have a volume of traffic:

You have thought at some point that you wish to have a huge amount of traffic on your site, right? Although it may seem contradictory, this is not functional within a digital marketing strategy if that volume of traffic you're having is not qualified. This means that you're reaching an audience that your company is not focused on, thus wasting efforts in people that won't become your clients. This is why we talk about qualified traffic that is your target, and to achieve this, it must be optimized and segmented appropriately.

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A digital marketing strategy focused correctly is going to be a constant flow of blood to the heart of the company, bringing effective results and success for you!


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