Negative_Buyer_Persona.pngNegative buyer personas, also known as exclusionary personas, are profiles of individuals who may initially appear to be a potential buyer but who are ultimately not a fit for your organization. Negative buyer personas are important because they will help you save time and money by not marketing to individuals who are unlikely to become customers.

An effective way to create negative buyer personas is to interview existing and former customers who have low average sale prices or low customer satisfaction scores as this information can indicate that these individuals were never a proper fit for your company.

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Additionally, another group to consider interviewing when creating negative buyer personas is individuals who regularly download your content, have high open and click through rates with your email campaigns and interact with you on social media over an extended amount of time but who have never gone on to converting into a customer.

Expert Tip:

Just because individuals fall into a negative buyer persona doesn’t mean they can be ignored. Continue to engage with people who interact with your organization on social media or who comment on your company blogs regardless of which persona they fall into. Even though someone may not be an ideal customer, they still may be an influencer in your space.

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