Email newsletters, or e-newsletters, are frequent communications sent by organizations to an email subscriber list. Email newsletters are an important component to an organization’s overall marketing efforts because they are an efficient and cost effective way to maintain contact with a target audience.
While email newsletters are an opportunity to provide your audience with information about your company, products or services, above all, the email newsletters you send should contain content your audience finds useful and interesting.

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A wide variety of content can be included in email newsletters: recent blog posts, videos, tips and tricks, event notifications, infographics, webinars, testimonials and more. Once you have your content selected, make sure to break it up into clear blocks under concise headlines or subheadings and link back to the original content source (blog post, video, webpage, etc.).

Expert Tip:

Segment your email lists into smaller groups based upon similarities to help ensure you are delivering content that is relevant to the needs and wants of your audience. Use information like buyer persona, lifecycle stage, geography, age, industry, past purchases and buying frequency to effectively segment your lists.

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