Call_to_action.pngA Call-to-Action (commonly referred to as a CTA) is an image, button or line of text that encourages your audience to take action on a specific offer. The main purpose of a CTA is to provide something of value to your audience that in turn will bring them further into the sales funnel.

Common Calls to Action include downloading an eBook, registering for product demo or signing up for an event or newsletter, among other options. CTAs can be placed across your marketing – use them on landing and web pages, emails, blog posts and within eBooks.

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Expert Tip:

Calls to Action that clearly and concisely describe the offer at hand are more effective than those that use vague language. Instead of “sign up” or “learn more,” use actionable statements like, “Get your free trial” or “Download whitepaper.” When your audience knows exactly what they will be receiving, they are much more likely to click your CTA.

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