Mobile optimization is the process of tailoring the presentation of a website to be compatible with the screen and functionality specifications of mobile devices. The purpose of mobile optimization is to create a user friendly experience for visitors accessing your website from mobile devices.

When developing a mobile optimized website, look to the needs and expectations of individuals accessing your website from mobile devices specifically that mobile viewers are using a much smaller screen and are often on the go.4

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Here are key design considerations to make when developing a mobile optimized website:

  • Provide a slimmed-down, “thumb friendly” navigation with larger touchpoints.
  • Reduce the amount and size of graphics as to not interfere with a user finding the information they are seeking out.
  • Use larger text sizes to improve readability on handheld devices.
  • Substitute HTML5 for Flash as the plugin may not be available on the user’s device.
  • Avoid using pop up windows, which can be hard to close on mobile devices.

Expert Tip:

Use the mobile first approach when developing a new website. Mobile first means developing the mobile version of a site before designing the traditional desktop version. When designing from a mobile first approach, you will get a cleaner, more precise design structure optimized for the mobile experience. From there you can add in relevant desktop features as needed.

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