Smarketing.pngSmarketing is the process of aligning marketing and sales teams within an organization around common goals with a main objective of increasing revenue.

Smarketing is important because it is the point at which marketing can most effectively hand off qualified leads to sales. Without collaboration at this critical stage, a significant amount of leads can be lost.

Building a productive relationship between marketing and sales, requires providing visibility into each other’s goals and progress. This transparency around performance allows necessary adjustments to be made in real time.

To truly integrate marketing and sales teams as a cohesive unit, visitors and leads goals should be tied to sales quotas and compensation structure for both teams should be built around the revenue structure of the sales team.

Expert Tip:

Marketing and sales teams need to come to agreement on the behaviors and characteristics that qualify middle of the funnel leads as marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) by developing a lead scoring system. This will make it easy to identify qualified leads and ensure time isn’t wasted on pursuing leads who are not a good fit.

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