Soluciones-de-Mercadeo-1There are many business owners which do not reach their goals at the end of the year. We all have goals on January 1st which we wish to accomplish, either personal or work related, but as soon as the first week begins a lot of them end up forgotten. There are many reasons why we don’t meet our goals; we will analyze some of them here.

1. We Don’t Have a Specific Goal

For example what is the goal we have set up for this year? For how many days? On what date? Once I have my specific goal that I will travel to Dubai for 10 days on December 2nd 2016, then I have a specific goal to start working on.

2. We Are Not Constantly Evaluating Our Goal

Once we have our goal (travel to Dubai on December 2016) we need to begin to calculate what we need to reach this goal.

a. A Short Term Business Goals:

A short term business goals can be compare with the following plan. Each month I should have 1,000 dollars on my savings account for the trip, I am a salesperson and on commissions I am making 800 average a month. What should I do to obtain more commissions?

I need to sell more so that it can fulfill my goal of $1,000 dollar. Doing a goal setting activities you can calculate how you can sale more each month.

b. A Long Term Business Goal:

A long term business goal can be compare to this plan. Each month I should have 1,000 dollars on my savings account for the trip, if I do this for 12 months that’s 12,000 that I have to pay for the trip (the company bonus is 3,000)

Once I have my goals, these should be running fine or I need to generate new tactics to generate more money.

3. You Don't Have Realistic and Relevant Goal

If my project is to go to Dubai in December for 10 days, I need to know first how much a hotel costs?, how much the plane tickets cost? and how much will the food cost there?. We know that as we calculated above, you have 12 plus the bonus, that’s a 15,000 budget. Do you think this is enough money to stay in Dubai for 10 days?

Finally it’s important to make this analysis with each goal either personal or using the smart business goals setting activities, since if I can’t reach my personal goals, how can I reach my company’s, I invite you to follow this same road but on a higher level that is build your goals for 2015 for your own business or company. Just like that, you will be able to provide some marketing solutions for your business.

If you’ve worked on new technic of how to improve business goals that have helped you push the needle even further? Share your tips in the comments! 

SMART Marketing Goals Template