B2B Customer Relationships According to Gallup.com, there are only approximately 13% of business-to-business (B2B) customers who are fully engaged.  This information was collected and analyzed due to a Gallup study of thousands of B2B customer relationships.  While pricing, speed of service or product delivery and company efficiency are very important when it comes to running a B2B company successfully, in this day and age, you have to find ways to set yourself apart from competitors. Do you, as a B2B company, have working knowledge of the specific marketplace in which your clients reside?  Have you developed a keen expertise on your client's service or product in which they sell?  If wanting to grow your company's reputation and profitability, you and your colleagues must look past your great pricing and superb service and into the realm of modern company differentials. 

Social Media and Your Business

When looking into being more progressive with B2B marketing online, you will find that there are a plethora of social media outlets.  People use these interfaces to share pictures, opinions, status updates and more recently, business marketing.  This is the advertising that is used in modern times.  If you want to get anywhere with your B2B company, social media can produce a multitude of profit leads and long-term business relationships.  Twitter is one social media outlet that has taken hold of the business marketing niche, making it more easy than ever to advertise, keep clients up to date on products and services and maintain already established B2B customer relationships. 

Twitter: Keeping Clients In The Know


If your company has already established a b2b Twitter marketing strategy, you can still use this information to better sell your product or service.  When setting up your company Twitter account, there are a few special actions that you can take in order to stand out from your fellow social marketers:

  • Add your company's logo, slogan and/or image.  Potential clients would love to see a picture of you, the seller or what you can offer them.  Don't forget to add your company's name; very important!
  • When writing in your company's biography, include a clear and concise description of what your company can offer the reader.  Give the reader a background synopsis of your company and how it got started.  Think like the customer/client, asking yourself what you would like to see on a b2b Twitter page.
  • Of course, you have a website and possibly a company blog.  Use of Twitter to direct the potential client to your website.  Include the website/blog URL in your biography as well as in each Twitter post you make.  Make the URL in these posts inconspicuous by strategically placing it at the bottom of your content.  Keep in mind that each post can only have up to 144 characters.
  • When adding content to your b2b Twitter status, keep the topic relative to what you are trying to accomplish by using social media: better b2b Twitter relationships. 

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