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Every business that has plunged into online marketing is always looking for leads that can turn in a substantial amount of sales. However, the biggest challenge that most service providers face is identifying quality prospects that can be turned into sales.

Most people are grappling with this challenge and are only wasting time on cold calls and unprofitable marketing strategies that are proving wasteful. Why would you implement the best strategies, sit back, and watch your business grow by the day? Here are the five key b2b marketing strategies that will generating sales leads on your business website.

More than 50% of the US population and more than 75% of adults access the internet. More than 1/3 of the consumers spend a minimum of 3 hours online, and many things that could only be done offline are now done online. With these important statistics in mind, it is clear that online marketing when done properly can turn this huge population into sales prospects that can pay off. This requires bold steps and commitment to leverage b2b marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

More than 88 billion searches are conducted monthly on Google only and more than 46% of daily searches are focused on finding product and service information. This means that when you don’t appear on the first pages of the search results, you are basically invisible to potential customers. With the right content that is keyword optimized, you can increase your web visibility and generate incredible leads. Since more than 75% of online visitors never search beyond the first page of the search results, it means that only SEO optimized content will be visible. Therefore, with proper implementation of the SEO strategy, you can increase your rankings and help bring your products or services to the masses that visit the internet on a daily basis.


Statistics show that slightly higher than 40% of marketers use blogs and  companies that have implemented blogging are capable of generating nearly 90% more leads every month than businesses that don’t use blogs. This demonstrates how significant blogging is to a business that wishes to revamp its sales. Make your prospects aware of your offerings through compelling and informative blogs and you won’t regret it.

Social Media Networks

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Today, over 66% of U.S. internet users are actively engaged on different social networks. Businesses that make use of social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can significantly increase their leads. Social media networks are good tools for improving your presence on the web and have the potential of engaging prospective consumers.

Website Lead Generation

Traditional outbound marketing is 60% more costly than inbound marketing. This means that most business that use traditional marketing to make their services known to the people are less likely to make economic sense. Most of these companies are likely to abandon their marketing processes before they reach the final stages that prospects are ready to make commitments. Therefore, since inbound marketing is cheap, most businesses are likely to carry on until the last stages and bring prospects onto their platform. Through inbound marketing, you can educate prospects about your services, showing them that your offerings are unique.

Lead Nurturing

Getting leads alone does not guarantee that a business will make more sales. The fact that leads should be carefully turned into sales means that a business cannot benefit from leads unless it nurtures them to become actual sales through effective b2b marketing strategies. According to online marketing gurus, lead nurturing campaigns are essential in furthering the knowledge of the prospects about your products and building sustainable customer relationships.

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