More than ever before online presence has become an essential aspect for all businesses seeking to explore the most complex and growing market that characterizes the computer age. Creating a website is not all that a business needs to leverage the power of the internet.


Marketing executives need to understand how to fix SEO plan that can turn internet users into customers and improve return on investment. A perfect guide on how to create a SEO plan is what you need to make your website profitable.. Also, Knowing that plan can help you unpack the benefits from SEO strategy. Here are some common things why your SEO is not working.

What is the state of your website?

Before complaining that SEO is an ineffective way of boosting your sales, you need to check whether your website is good. Ask these critical questions before you introduce radical changes to your SEO strategy: what amount of traffic is your website registering? How frequent is your website receiving clicks? How long does a visitor stay on your website? What is your website’s conversion rate? 

how to create a seo plan

If your site is recording a high number of visitors but leave quickly, or bouncing back, this could be due to unattractive designs. It could also be due to low quality or irrelevant content that has been posted on your landing page. If your website is receiving little or no traffic, then your SEO may be failing to deliver critical keyword phrases that can help increase your site’s rankings on search engines. Be sure to create compelling and informative content that can set your site apart from the competitors. This can increase the traffic and help convert visitors into leads.

You may be targeting wrong keywords

Most businesses get this concept wrong when implementing a SEO strategy. Just because you are in the health industry does not mean you have to stick to the keyword “health” since there is not a guarantee that you will get essential traffic coming your way. You need to employ skilled SEO experts to help you create meaningful keywords that will drive traffic on your website. 

You need to amend your keyword usage strategy and undo your site for bad keywords. You can use a questionnaire to ask your potential customers on how they search for the services or products that your business offer. Test your keywords to see if your site generates good traffic before you can begin using these keyword phrases on your business website.

While going too specific can help narrow don to your key customers, going to niche may not yield the right traffic. The best way to solve this problem is by optimizing the website by running a Pay Per Click (PPP) campaign to help evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords over a considerable length of time.

You have weak links

If your web content is compelling and relevant to your customers and your business, then there is likelihood that you have weak links that cannot generate traffic on your site. Having low quality links that do not succeed in redirecting visitors to your website can halt your SEO efforts. Experts say that one high quality and a well-marketed site can be more effective than 100 weak and non-contextual links. Therefore, create few but quality links and not many links that stuff your site with no benefits.

Nobody has the luxury of wading through your page to find what he or she is looking for, which is why knowledge on how to implement a SEO plan is critical for increasing conversion rates and improve sales.

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