If your business is starting a serious take on inbound marketing, then you realize the importance of content marketing strategies. By producing content that is specifically designed to interest your target audience, you will draw new viewers and convert new customers. Here are some genius content marketing ideas blogs for business readers will love to get you started:

Genius-content Marketing

1. Location-Based Blogging

Find out what is going on for your local audience and blog about activities in the area. By blogging about local events and important news, you will gain the attention of consumers who live in the area. When possible, choose events that are in some way connected to your business, but do not limit yourself to these kinds of events – any local event can attract a new viewer that may find your product or service something they need down the road. A large part of content marketing is providing relevant information for your consumer and building trust – location-based marketing does both.

2. Social Media Inspiration

Check out what your followers are chatting about – look on social media profiles of your most loyal customers to see what they are talking about, interested in and sharing with their friends and followers. Find out what interests your audience has in common and write on similar topics.

3. Customer FAQ Blogging

Do your customers all tend to ask the same questions when they call? A frequent question that many businesses do not like to answer is “how much will this cost?” With varying options, the price of your product or service may depend on many things, but answering this simple question in a series of blog posts can be very helpful to your customer. Explain the varying factors that determine price if you can’t give a straight answer and give different posts different aspects to cover. Answer your customers questions on your blog so they can find what they are searching for and won’t be forced to pick up the phone.

4. Marketing Ideas Blog: Business Inspiration

What inspires your company? Post about where you get inspiration for your product or service and share what makes you special with your audience. Your business might draw inspiration from direct authorities in your industry or completely outside sources. Share whatever moves you and explain how it makes your business method stronger. By showing this kind of passion for your industry, you will be able to build trust with your readers.

5. Customer Reviews

The majority of consumers trust customer reviews above all other forms of advertisement or endorsement. Highlight specific customer reviews in your blog posts and let your readers know why they should check out what you offer. Marketing ideas blog writers love include adding customer reviews that make an easy, but persuasive post for your site.

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