It is a huge concern for any flight school when the front desk is not getting enough potential students asking for information about your institution and wanting to enroll.

The potential student pilots are the blood for your flight school and yours is at risk if the halls are getting emptier and emptier.

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Thankfully, there are things you can do to reverse that trend or to avoid falling in that spiral of low demand.

Create an admissions funnel

Having a funnel for your admissions process is just an illustrative way to explain how you’ll identify each of the stages that your prospect is going through. This helps you to reach the potential students with the right approach and persuade them to enroll.

By knowing exactly at what stage of the “buyer’s journey” your potential student pilot is, you are able to organize efforts accordingly, such as email communications or blog posts, without just assuming what they think.

Keep in mind during this process that student pilots may take from 6 to 18 months to become a student pilot of a flight school, so patience is key.

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Measure where you are and where you want to be

To know that you’re better or worse than before, you need to have data to support it.

Analyzing your current situation in regards of amount of enrollments and investments made to boost the enrollments is critical to diagnose the status of the situation, and therefore to make plans and set goals.

By having this information you’re able to follow a path based on updated and actual information and not just based on hunches or beliefs.

Analyze your investments

When you actually know how you’re doing, you’re able to have a clearer panorama of what to do.

You need to evaluate if the marketing efforts that have been made in the past had any effect at all, and what would happen if you continue with them, if you invest more on them or if you just look for another kind of strategy to increase your enrollment rate.

In the end, it is matter of maximizing the potential of every dollar and manpower invested on such tasks to achieve the goal of more student pilots enrolled.

By following these practical and actionable steps, you can start to set your flight school in the right track and save it from dry out without students.

How to Improve Your Recruitment Process to Attract Qualified Student Pilots

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