The pilot recruiting process is one of the most -- if not the most -- important process for a flight school, because it is the one that brings the new blood to the school and keeps it always fresh and thriving. While doing this, it also benefits the marketing abilities of the flight school itself, and here we’ll explain what some good practices in the recruiting process can do for the flight school business.

Thinking about the future, not just enrollment

Closing a deal of enrollment is extremely important, that is true. However, ensuring that the new student pilot understands the whole formation process and that any doubt is cleared is important to make that student a long term asset for the school that can bring more people to the enrollment process and repeat the cycle.

In that way, the enrollment process itself done well secures a steady flow of new students which of course helps the flight school marketing.

Flight School Marketing: How to Attract More Qualified Students

Be real about the recruiting goals

Being honest from the very beginning solidifies and nourishes any business relation and allows it to continue for a very long time. That’s applicable for the student-flight school relation and why is necessary to be honest starting at the moment of recruiting and enrollment.

When persuading a potential flight student, you must provide all information needed honestly and with no half truths, because this will avoid any misunderstanding in the future that will certainly harm your flight school reputation and credibility.

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Maintain the communication

Keeping the flow of communication back and forth during the whole recruiting process is key to make the soon-to-be pilot student comfortable and well informed, creating a good impression of the flight school throughout the enrollment.

We all know that first impressions matter a lot, so that is why clear communication from the beginning is important to build that trust and reputation with all the new pilot students.

Measure and analyze all the time

All these efforts that certainly will help your flight school marketing won’t be as effective as they can (or you won’t notice they are) if you don’t measure the results. Measuring is just as important as taking the actions measured.

Doing this will help you to know where you come from, where are you standing and if the actions taken were correct or need to have some tweaks here and there to correct course on time and aim always to the best strategy.

These are good practices that stand on their own to benefit your flight school, but they also add the benefit of helping the flight school marketing and that’s why they’re extremely useful and necessary to succeed in the industry, so let’s start to implement them now!

How to Improve Your Recruitment Process to Attract Qualified Student Pilots


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