what-does-SEO-mean-for-aviationAs owners of an aviation company or any other organization many times we focus on stopping fires and ignore what´s most important, which is to bring new students into our organization. If this is your case and you feel that technology these days is moving a lot faster than what it used to years ago, we will help you with some important information to review on your website today.

That is why maybe you don’t know the last thing that’s going on these days. Starting April 21, 2015 Google will have a new change in their search process.

Google has announced that it will penalize those pages which are not adapted for navigation on mobile units (smartphones and tablets) by the responsive system, which consists of an automatic adaptation to the size of the different screens.

You may find more information on this link “Finding more mobile friendly search results

That is why if your website doesn’t meet the requirements that nowadays Google is requesting, your page will never be found on Google´s search engines.

If your aviation company does not meet the following requirements it’s time to think of redesigning your page.

What Does SEO Mean: your webpage must be able to handle all those processes which allow improving visibility on the internet’s search engines. For any aviation company, it is of vital importance that its site be located within the first options, since the websites that do meet this receive more traffic from potential clients. The place you hold within these results is conditioned by three variables:

1. Relevance: This refers to how closely the elements from your campaign match the criteria with which a person searches.

2. Authority: Prestige and credit that are recognized on a website for its legitimacy or for its quality and ability on some material.

3. Personalization: Once we’ve created our search engine, we can personalize some aspects of it: from its aspect to building other sites.

Taking this information into account we will be able to have a more efficient SEO strategy, which is why we must consider using the Smart Goals that will help us measure best any SEO strategy for your aviation school.

According to Google, “this change will have a significant impact on the search results”. We want to make sure that your website is ready for this change, and that is why we are offering a free evaluation of your website.

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