2014 was an attractive year for our company. We changed our organization from the inside out, opening our minds and catching up with the new trends (This was not an easy task). Digital Marketing has changed quickly over the past 5 years and we realized we had fallen behind…

Nowadays, we have smartphones in our hands. This has given us a new perspective on how to research on products, services or how to solve our problems. So I asked myself - How can I increase my website visits?Mouth to mouth and referrals were not helping us grow as fast as we intended to.

How to grow constantly and upgrade a business?

Many questions came into my mind, such as: How can we automate our sales and marketing process? How can we make our forecast for the upcoming months? How can we attract more qualified and potential clients? How can we offer more value to our clients and prospects? After six months of research, I realized that the Inbound Marketing Methodology could help us solve many of our problems by creating a digital frame that could allow us measure and upgrade our business. Long story short, we ended up by optimizing our website in 5 important areas to turn it into a prospects and opportunities generator machine that works for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5 Elements to turn your website into a prospect machine    

  • Generation of Contacts:  Are your marketing efforts generating enough prospects and sales through your website?

  • SEO: Is your website optimized to be found by potential clients who are looking for your services or products?

  • Mobile Marketing: Is your website optimized for the mobile version for all the mobile types?

  • Blogging:  Is my blog generating results that justify my time investment, or am I wasting my time doing things the wrong way?

  • Social Media:  How effective am I using tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in our marketing campaigns?


We ended the year 2014 with a generation of 500% more potential clients than the year before. Now we have a more clear idea on which channels are generating more traffic and potential clients with you website content. Therefore, we invested more resources on those channels that generate more opportunities. These changes eliminated our frustration of working hard without results and the uncertainty of not knowing where we were going. We also understood that the content in our website will be the best tool to have a better control of our business in the future to come in order to attract more clients.

Are you ready to jump?

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