miami-SEO-companyIf you contact a Miami SEO Company most likely they will offering some sort of monthly service to rank your website pages on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) However, SEO tactics alone are missing a great part of the equation which is to measure the return of investment. 

Today I had a conversation with a small business owner who wants to increase his website traffic and I asked — “Why do you need to increase your website traffic?” The business owner smiled and said “Because I need more customers!”

Great, Let’s see how can I help you!

What is your goal?

“To have more customers!” the business owner replied and I answered “That’s a broad goal and if I ask the same question to 100 more small business owners they will probably have the same answer. You will need to have more defined goals. I suggest using the SMART Marketing Goals approach” We sat down to work on the SMART Marketing Goals for his organization. After we had those goals in place we continued our conversation for the day.

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What are your website numbers?

He mentioned that he has Google Analytics installed on his website. We went over the analytics and discovered that his website was having an average of 3,500 visit per month and I asked him  “How many leads you get every month?” He said that he received 10 leads per month from people who submit the “Contact Us” or “Request a Quote” forms. My final question was “How many customer do you get out of those 10 leads?” He replied with frustration in his voice “Two customers per month which is why I need more visits to my website”

You have a conversion problem!

The business owner replied “What do you mean?” to which I replied “Yes, my customers typically have a 1-3% visit to lead conversion rate. In your case your visit to lead rate is 0.3%. Therefore, you need to improve your conversion rates. For example, if you improve your visit to lead rate from 0.3% to 1% and keep the same lead to customer rate of 20%. You will get 7 new customers every month. You are now getting 350% more leads every month.”

Are you having this issue? Do you need to attract more customers?

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