problemas_marketing_y_ventas.jpgNowadays people are talking about inbound marketing but how many people actually know what that is? What benefits it can bring to a company? Why implement an inbound strategy?. These questions and many more come up when people mention this term.
Inbound Marketing methodology is the answer to all these changes the consumer behavior has been having in the way they purchase lately since they are no longer willing to allow any publicity interruption like it used to happen before with the traditional communication methods.

Implementing an inbound marketing methodology

With the inbound marketing methodology, companies are now transforming the way they attract their potential customers and this is due the actual buyer’s behavior, which by having more access to the information, can make a purchase decision way before speaking with a sales person and this has a considerable impact in the sales process.

Unlike what many think, the sales department is the most beneficial with an inbound marketing strategy and this is because this marketing area works very hard to generate qualified leads (potential clients) who are constantly looking for a product or a service that the company offers. Once these are identified as opportunities, these are delivered to the sales department so they can work on these leads taking advantage of the sales crew time instead of working on low quality leads gotten through a data base. In this case we don’t know for sure if these are active clients of our product or service.

Nowadays, the sales team needs to reinvent itself by following a sales process according to the consumers needs. They don’t want long speeches or explanations because they already have access to all kinds of information through the internet and when they feel ready, they will approach the company looking for a sales consultant or a salesperson so they can deliver more information on the product or service.

Implementing an agreement between marketing and sales

When we implement a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the marketing and the sales department, you can see how the results are evidenced in the closing sales report. These are achieved because of the inbound marketing methodology that allows closing deals with new customers faster and all these efforts are concentrated in qualified leads that are deeply involved in the process, making the sales cycle shorter and more functional than the traditional processes.

Now we just need to gather all the inbound marketing and sales efforts oriented to the same goals and to the same process of cultivating the leads to assist them during the purchase process in the company. By this, the customers will start recommending to their contacts about how you helped to learn about what you do, and how you’re going to help them with their necessities and to generate security on your product or service.

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