Leads.jpgWhen we speak about marketing the first thing on our minds is advertisement for a product or service, but this goes beyond these two steps. Marketing is an investment in sales and furthermore when we implement an inbound marketing methodology.The goal is that the sales team is speaking with qualified prospects to improve the efficiency of their efforts and be able to achieve the company's goals. What it is not recommended to do is to invest the time of our sales team in prospects that aren't actively looking forward to buy our products or services.

How do we get the leads?

The marketing area develops valuable content for those prospects, such as blogs, eBooks, guides, experts' reviews; all in order to attract them and educate them. Previously, the marketing and sales area used to focus their efforts in harvesting a big number of leads, no matter is they were qualified or not for the company, which takes very much time and money for TV, radio, and magazine ads just to try to capture prospects that weren't the buyer persona the company was attempting to reach.

One of the advantages of implementing an inbound marketing methodology is that when valuable content for the buyer persona is generated, the amount of qualified leads is increased and the content adapts to each stage of the buying cycle, making it easier for the sales team to accomplish their objectives.

Establishing relationships with the prospects is part of cultivating leads

After the hard work marketing has done in order to attract all those strangers and make them qualified and unqualified leads, you proceed to educate those valuable leads for the company with valuable content, besides having them in a database until the moment they're ready to buy.

A key step to educate these leads is the ability to provide that valuable content for them with the purpose of helping them going through the buying cycle. In it, they're getting educated with the most adequate information for what they're looking for and that generates credibility and trust in them for our company, positioning us as a leader in the industry.

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