Generates_Revenue_and_ROIBusinesses that succeed know that social media is the way to draw an audience and Twitter is the online social conversation king. If Your company have a twitter profile for more than 1 year and do not Generates Revenue and ROI now is the time to Optimize your Twitter Business Account. There are a few simple things, which will insure that you are making the best use of Twitter to generate revenue and get the most ROI (return on investment).

Consistency breeds familiarity 

It is your business and be proud of that business 

name by putting out there repeatedly. Matching your twitter handle user name to the name of your business builds a consistent link from social media to the viewers and customers. Tweet your business name, and be sure to attach the name to your website to build another consistent link. You are building a chain of familiarity that will resonate with viewers. 

What is your business mission statement?

A business profile bio is a great place on Twitter to explain what makes your company stands out. This section is only 160 characters so you have to make it count by using terms that resonate with readers. Think about what a customer’s needs are and how your company puts them first. Make sure to include a your blog link or business website URL in the Website Link field below your Location. Speak to your viewers to let them know that being a customer is a great opportunity they cannot turn down.

Visual Appeal is Important

Twitter Business Account

The right picture and background for your twitter account will ensure another draw for each tweet. Make sure the twitter profile picture your use on your account is relevant to your business. Bold colors and backgrounds are essential for appealing to the visual draw of customers. You do not have to spend a ton of money on a photographer, but if you already possess some visually appealing pictures of your work then play with them to see if one draws more views. The ROI on a simple picture is well worth testing the pictures. Twitter posts have a picture insert for each post. Utilize the picture tool to generate more hits and generates revenue and ROI.

Keywords are the SEO keys

To Optimize your Twitter Business Account and tweets using keywords makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) easier. When people find your business online faster with a quick search it is important to hook the customers that are looking for your business services. SEO keys are essential tools to bring online customers to you for Generates Revenue and ROI. Twitter has a search engine to help you see what is trending and allow you to find new users relevant to your business. When you know what interests people online it enables you to customize your keywords and tweets to relate to your viewers. 

Resources to make Twitter work to Generate Revenue and ROI:

Twitter wants you to optimize your Twitter business account so they have a "4-Step Checklist to Optimize Your Twitter Account". Your twitter page has a hash tag discover tab that you can click on and put a #, then a word or phrase. Many times there is already a hash tag existing. Checkout who is using these hash tags to see if you might be retweeted. Retweets lead to a greater audience. Be sure to view and retweet others that are following your tweets to show good twitter etiquette and a farther-reaching network of twitter followers. 

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