ciclo_de_ventas_corto..jpgIn Marketing, speaking about the sales cycle is a fundamental concept for those who work in this field and for years, we’ve always looked to close our sales in a more short and efficient way.However, all those strategies that we’ve implemented before just left us with data lists of possible leads and we had to give them a follow up that took us forever just to convince them to get our product or service. All of this is now in the past with the implementation of a methodology based on Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is helping us to be more proactive in the sales area and this is because marketing develops all its work in getting qualified and educated leads (Active buyers) so the sales force can decrease their time invested in unqualified leads (Passive buyers). The time that every salesperson has is very valuable so it’s important that this time is used in the best way possible with potential active clients to increase the possibilities of closing the sale and the company’s income.

Inbound helps you to generate more income

Through inbound marketing we generate more income by achieving the sales goals. Also, it helps gather useful information from the leads that is delivered to the sales team so they can have a more relevant contact with the lead in their first conversation analyzing the information that they cared about the most through the content published in the website, social media, blog and email to have a clearer context on how to help this lead.

That is why inbound marketing makes the sales cycle shorter. It allows to identify in what phase is the buyer in and if it’s ready to make the first purchase step and by this, initiate the sales cycle. The more marketing capacity they have to qualify the leads and gather the most information about them, the more possibilities of generating success when closing the sale they’ll have.

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