Outbound marketing, also known as traditional or interruption marketing, is the method of pushing a message out with the intent of reaching your target audience. This contrasts with inbound marketing, which seeks to bring leads in by creating content that matches the interests and needs of prospective customers.

Common outbound marketing methods include television, radio and video ads, print advertisements, billboards, mass emails, cold calls, tradeshows and direct mail. The rise of digital technology has made the outbound approach less effective and more expensive.

Chances are you’ve adopted some inbound marketing tactics even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself an inbound marketer – potentially blogging, email newsletters or podcasts.

Expert Tip:

Organizations looking to improve their marketing ROI and build long term relationships with their audience should consider allocating a larger portion of their marketing budget on inbound marketing. Initiating PPC and SEO efforts are good places to start when making the transition to a more inbound-focused approach to marketing.

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