Marketing_Email.jpgReaching the right person with the right message may seem at first as something very challenging, as something achievable only by the works of sorcery or simply impossible. But that’s not the case at all.

By following these tangible and straightforward steps you can reach directly the people you want to and ensure your message will be received well.

Speak to your buyer persona

Your ideal customer is the cornerstone for this strategy and therefore it needs to be built very well. A buyer persona is the sum of all the characteristics that your desired client has in regards of demographics and consumer behaviour and the marketing email strategy, as any other one with it in its center, should revolve around it.

You should be thinking about your ideal customer and all the things related to it when conceiving the type of content to use, the elements to select on the database, the way to convey the message, among other variables of the campaign.

Segment your database

This is the first step where you’ll be helped by the creation of your buyer persona. The segmentation of your database will be done with the aid of the data from the buyer persona and will ensure that the people you’ll reach is exactly the one you intend to.

Databases can be really huge and if you go and send a message to every person in it you will be misusing your resources and maybe wasting them on people who are not even closely interested on your product or service.

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Give them the right content

You have filtered out the people who were not interested and you know what the people who may be interested would like to receive in their e-mails, now it is time to create what they want.

The right content is not only limited to be what would be well received by the targeted audience but it is also about giving them accurate and helpful information that will make them more likely to purchase our product or service. By educating them with the appropriate content we are nurturing the loyal customers of the near future.

Go get them!

You have followed all these steps correctly in order to have the potential customer right on that spot where they’re ready to do whatever you tell them… it would be a shame if you don’t make a call to action right there.

If you want that near future that we were talking about before to be right away, it requires to create a convincing and compelling call to action to close that e-mail in order to close the strategy with the cherry on the top of the cake: A solid and definitive conversion!

After these steps the process to make this happen seems less a work of sorcery and more as the product of well created buyer personas, greatly focused databases and gracefully built content and calls to action. With this you’ll ensure many people becoming your loyal customers in no time.

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