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Creating lead generating website is a vital part of B2B marketing, and in the Information Age, the web is a great place to look. Using the Internet the right way can be a highly effective way to do the kind of soft selling (or "informing people about your product") that gets results. Here are some simple lead generating website ideas.  

Business Blogging 

One of the first things you should do is blog. Once your customers know about and have visited your website, they're not likely to return until they're ready to buy (giving your competition time to move in). Blogging changes that. By providing useful, engaging information, you keep your customers coming back and your company in their minds. Blogs are also a great way to provide links to specific products without sounding like you're giving a sales pitch. Doing a little surfing on the most well-traveled industry blogs can also provide lead generation ideas for business bloggers.  

Use Social Media (The Right Way)

In addition to business blogging, you need to use social media. More and more businesses are using their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In) to stay in touch with industry trends. In order to maximize your effectiveness, think as social media as "networking" rather than "marketing." Nobody wants a constant barrage of sales rhetoric clogging their feed, and it's one of the things that cause them to click the "block" button.

Instead, use social media to join in on industry conversation. Subscribe to the feeds of related businesses, join industry groups, and contribute useful information. Another important tip is to post to a schedule. Whether you choose once a week or once a day, your potential customers will keep reading if they know when they can plan on hearing from you.

Give Information Away 

Another important website idea is blogging tip is to give at least a little information away. Fewer customers are willing to pay for information they can just look up with a quick Google search. In order to retain and build a customer base, you need to provide valuable, relevant information they aren't going to find elsewhere. That doesn't mean you need to give away everything you know. Online information especially in blogs is a great way to give your customers a "free sample" of what you offer, so they'll be more likely to invest in information resources. 

Respond Fast 

A final way to make online marketing work for you is to respond to customers quickly. Social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, lets businesses interact in a way never possible before. If a potential customer asks a question or requests information, you need to respond before your competition does (ideally within 24 hours). Things happen fast on the web; if a few days go by, your lead might start questioning whether you really want his business. 

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