Every business strives for improvement in reaching their long-term goals and visions.  While there are many strategies to reach the vision, advertising and online marketing strategies are two key factors which play an important role in getting there.  There are many similarities between the two factors, but there are also many differences between marketing vs advertising as well.  The difference between marketing and advertising is explained below.  This will help you as you plan for the future of your business.

Advertising Defined

The focus of advertising is mainly directed toward a specific product or service for sale.  The emphasis on such products or services is then directed toward new customers or potential customers and also those customers who seek to repeat purchasing the products or service.

Advertising requires a plan for selling a particular product or service.  The customer and potential customer must be made aware of the features and specific details of a product or service being advertised.  Advertising is usually done through one of the following ways:

  • Printed material such as:  flyers, posters, brochures, and letters
  • Email Marketing
  • Calling performed by those who are hired to call with advertisements
  • Newsprint ads
  • Technology such as: radio, T.V., and internet

Advertising is often needed to make a business successful, however there is a difference between marketing vs advertising.

Online Marketing Defined

The focus of online marketing advertising includes a wider range of activity for businesses to sale a particular product or service.  There is more in depth tools used with marketing than there is with online marketing vs advertising.  Marketing is usually includes the following:

  • Advertisement through the ways listed above and other ways
  • Sales of products or services
  • Detailed research for companies and their products or services
  • Satisfaction of companies and customers
  • Relations between company and the marketing team

The biggest difference between marketing vs advertising is quite simple.  Marketing is a combination of all the advertising features along with a well planned business package for success.  While the two factors go along together, a business must have a good marketing program in order to have success with online marketing and advertising strategies.

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